Big Blue Has the Blues

A couple of weeks ago cruising  up to the big No Frills, when I gunned her into traffic [okay 12mph is “gunning” to her] up the hill at Dundas.  Then poor Big Blue started chugging.

Now Blue is usually very quiet. She hardly makes any noise at all except for the odd fender rattle through potholes or her merry honka! honka!

I took her down to the shop but the bike mechanic couldn’t hear the noise no matter how much I tried to tell him she only made that noise going uphill at full throttle.

So I brought her home and worried. She seemed to be drooping.

Well, within a week poor Blue was making retching sounds every time I hit her throttle. She still puttered along but she seemed too nauseated to hit her usual cruising speed.

Today I took her back to the shop.

She obviously has a cracked [it’s visible now] axel housing  [I think that’s what it’s called, it covers the piece of axel between the motor and the wheel] on one side and I don’t know what else. The shop mechanic wanted me to bring her Monday but I couldn’t bear to part with her until Tuesday since I have something to do Monday she would have to stay overnight.

So I begged to take her in on Tuesday so I could pick her up at and bring her home to rest after surgery.

Funny how I’m starting to view her as my father viewed his cars. He saw them as mechanical horses. He actually called them “Nellie”–the name of his favorite horse. I tend to see my computer the same way.  As if it was fussy some days and makes weird noises if unhappy. My computer is not fond of windows and likes his secondary linux system better. Perhaps he has a Penguin soul.

Anyhoo, I have to pedal Blue until she has her operation.

I suppose it’s over-the-top to buy her a get well card or perhaps a rubber flower to cheer her up, attached to her basket?




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