Grocery Land

So I finally took the big plunge for groceries.

As I locked up,  I met a lovely elderly Italian Trikerster! He had put together a huge cargo trike with a welding torch and old bicycle parts he found in the garbage. He’d attached a big aluminum cargo holder on the back and was hauling off at least 100lbs of groceries between the back boot and a big box bungy corded between his legs on the frame.

He told me he has 3 car batteries and a motor rig ready to hook up this summer because the arthritis in his knees is becoming too painful for him to pedal uphill anymore.

I tried to catch his name so I could put it here but he pedalled off before I could catch it.

I was embarrassed really. Here was my n00b-looking trike and he had this spiffy, decrepit, well-loved trike that looked like it would be at home in the backwoods attached to a donkey. He’d even built a special piece to “roll” off the boot full of groceries straight into his house.

Here’s to human ingenuity!

A Toast to Ingenuity

A Toast to Ingenuity



  1. Awesome story and congrats on the grocery shopping trip. I wouldn’t be embarrassed at all. After all, at one time that man was also going out on his first grocery run as well.

    • Thanks for the response:-)

      Well I just found a perfect little bundle buggy I strap in, with detachable frame so I can lug it through the store and up the elevator and an over-the-shoulder haulage basket [green box actually] that I can load TONS of groceries with! Bungee cords are my friends LOL

      I brought home at least 70lbs that way on my last trip. It’s actually starting to be great fun to go grocery shopping. People ask me all the time about the Trike.

      I wonder how the older fella is making out?

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