Okay dear cycling people, I need your input.

So grab your Timmy Ho’s and move a bit closer.

I read somewhere it takes 20-30 miles to get used to a trike.

Now having crashed twice, in the first three days probably isn’t helping my nervousness. Neither has being yelled at by irate drivers, being honked at or getting lost on Roncenvalles.  Skidding through huge potholes side streets and feeling like I’m going to tip over very soon are increasing my anxiety.

I remember cruising on a two-wheeler.

Wind flying, whizzing downhill, standing up on the pedals and leaping deep potholes in a single bound just like SuperCycler.  I was a very cautious cyclist but well, I’m sure you’re familiar with that feeling of utter abandon on a bike.

It’s not happening.

There’s no quick unlock, leap on, whip down the street, skid to a halt, lock up quickly then dash in for a quart of milk and a bag of Fritos.

It takes 10 minutes just to wriggle it out of the back room. Since I don’t have an electricity supply, every few days I have to wrangle it into the lobby like an obstreperous donkey, plug in and wait until it recharges. Then struggle it back out the front doors.

I bought the thing to overcome some physical disadvantages. I’m eating muscle relaxants just to deal with moving it around.

If anyone is considering buying one–consider those disadvantages.

Originally the idea was to park in the underground.  Out of the weather and electrical sources–no problem. However the incline is too great to get 100 lbs of trike up, thus my present dilemma. I had considered parking and had made agreements before I bought it. Obviously, one can’t plan for everything.

After all that money and planning. I’d just like to enjoy the beast.

Is that too much to ask?

Or should I just take two jelly donuts and call you in the morning?


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