Okay fellow trikers and cyclers a bit of housekeeping.

  • Everything here is creative commons licensing. That means, you can use it so long as you quote me as the source unless I’m not the source. However, if YOU get paid, *I* get paid. Fair enough?
  • If you want to put a few triking blogs here, please comment in this section and I’ll add you. I won’t edit or delete unless you’re a complete git. Diverse voices are always needed.
  • I’m trying to get this hooked up to Twitter. It’s not working. I’m still trying. Will let you know when it’s fixed.
  • I tried to do a video RE: Critical Mass and “Yellow Bike” at the Revue. However my editing software is piffed at my new video card. Werkin’ on it. Will have pics and video then and those will be Creative Commons licensed.
  • If you have a useful link [like i bike toronto] I will add you. {complete git rule applying} so bring ’em on!

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