Speed Turtling 101

Okay I did it. I finally did it.

I went full throttle up the hill on King Street at rush hour. Yes, ME doing a a whole 12 miles per hour with my bag of fruit and a second hand casserole dish in the back basket, flag waving, peddling madly.

Today, cyclists were catching on.

On my way to the market triking up a side street, a car was forced to pull over away from me instead of trying to shove me into the parking lane where I’d be pavement cheese.  A speedy cyclist coming the other direction waved wildly and yelled “I love it! ‘Way to go, lady!” So I HONKA HONKA-ed! at him. Several others waved as they passed me on by.

Hey, add a pair of waving deely boppers  and I bet I could make hundreds of otherwise  dour Torontonians, smile.

That’s going to be my next social experiment.

Oh, right after I ride at night…



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