Happy Trails To You

How are you getting home today?

How are you getting home today?

Okay, let’s get down to it, shall we?

Pull up your coffee and donuts and let’s have a bit of a quiet chat here, shall we?

Now, BBP [big beautiful people], smokers, arthritics and out-of-shape mature people get picked on everywhere. We don’t get to go to the gym or dojo as we age because seeing us in spandex would blind the Brad Pitts and Angelina Jolie’s of this world.

Yet, health-wise, these are the catagories of people who need to do something physical the most.

One of the fervent complaints I hear a great deal about e-assist is that it’s for “lazy people”. Yet, it is e-assist that’s most conducive to getting the disabled, smokers, large people and such out and about in the sunshine to exercise.

The more we get out and ride–the better shape we’ll be in. That’s good for everyone.

So doesn’t it make more sense to encourage everyone, no matter what their abilities and bad habits to get those butts moving around?



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