Natural Born Eejits

Is it just me are some motorists born to irritate cyclists?

There I am, the only place to pull out is onto a one way the wrong way, safely due to traffic construction on the opposite side of a parking lot.

Even the cars have to pull out this way or risk a crash.

A woman I know, who hasn’t seen a bike since she was ten, and drives her car less than two miles to work–starts yabbling about how I’m a “motorized vehicle”.  Uh, hello? E-assist is “a motorized vehicle”–you mean like that gaz guzzling, air polluting ton of steel that you are screaming out the window of? THAT kind of “motorized vehicle”?

Do you know anything about cycling at all?

I think she’s just piffed because she got stuck behind me for a whole quarter of a block on her way home a few days ago.

Now yesterday, the same dimwit, standing where I am parking my trike, lectures me for 20 minutes about how much I must upset couriers since I take up half a lane.

Actually, couriers tend to smile and wave since they see I could haul cargo at my speedy rate of 12 mph. It’s not *me* polluting their air as they whiz along trying to make a living.

Besides, couriers realize that no driver that doesn’t want to knock their door right off the hinges is going to try the “gee whiz, I didn’t see you” when they deliberately whang open their door into the oncoming path of 100lbs of e-trike. Heck the trike wouldn’t even tip so the intimation factor is vanquished.

You know, in the past week most folks have been uber-cool as I trike along. Some motorists and cyclists kind of grin or point. A few motorists get piffed and honk.

So for those of you who *are* courteous and getting a kick out of it all–a big HONKA HONKA! to you



  1. A big HONKA HONKA! to you as well, looks like a smart choice. Have fun riding!

    • Thank you! Nice to e-meet you.

      It’s a great little rig for chugging things home. I liked the e-scooter kind but the maintenance was prohibitive.

      Do you cycle?

  2. Nice to e-meet you as well, your enthusiasm is contagious!
    I cycle every day except in the snow, it’s great weather for it now.

    • I’m having a ball with it just running errands:-)

      I’m thinking about going to critical mass tomorrow [I love those guys, they saved us from police harrassment at a protest one time…long story] I just don’t know if my battery will do all the way to Spadina and Bloor, back to Revue Cinema, then home.

      Do you know anyway to calculate mileage from google maps?

      I’m about to blog today’s adventures.

      Are you ‘oot and aboot’ with your bike in this decent weather?

  3. I use for mapping out trips, it’s fairly easy to figure out.

    I was planning to go to the Mass and the yellow bike movie afterwards just like you, if I see you I’ll say hi. I’ll recognize your vehicle for sure.

    Keep writing about your experiences, it’s a good way to relive them!

    • Oh THANK you.

      I bookmarked it and I’ll check it for my trip. Do you know the route? I’m still getting used to my trike so I could start halfway or at the top of Roncie or something or on whatever main drag the CM’ers are using to get there.

      I’ll be the trike with the bashed in basket due to my driveway wheelie crash *lol*

      Of course I’ll be hard to miss anyway!

  4. That’s the thing with Critical Mass, there isn’t a set route or leader – it just goes wherever the people in front decide to go. There are favourite streets like Yonge but each ride is different and the length of the trip depends on the interest and of course the weather.
    The movie is too early, some rides go for a long time.

    • I thought the idea was to end at the movie? Am I missing something?

      Wouldn’t CM land at the movie then go for an earth hour jaunt in the dark? Isn’t the film rather short.

      This is SO confusing. And I was just working on my sign so now I’m uber-confoozled!

    • Okay so there’s a 6pm tonight culminating at the film at 7pm and there’s the Earth Hour ride tomorrow [Saturday] at 8:30.

      Do I have this right?

  5. Yes.
    You’re right about this being confusing, there might only be a handful going to the movie or the whole ride might lead there.
    I have other plans for tomorrow night but it’s a cool idea to have a ride during Earth Hour.

    • I wound up all bollocks-ed up due to needing a better helmet and lock then getting lost looking for the Revue!

      The good bit was I *did* get a few late pics and such so I’ll see if I can do a mash-up video.

  6. I decided to skip the movie, it was a good Critical Mass with a nice turnout.
    Contact me at my email address if you want to chat further, I’d enjoy seeing and hearing about your trike adventures.

    • Glad you had a good time. I wrote out my “Lost in Space” blog about the evening. Hope you get a chuckle out of it. My video prog decided to go batsh*t so I am going to have a lot of work if I want to get pics/video.

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